My Wet Calvin is a local shoegaze/pop band formed in 2004 and best known for their inventive performances in unusual venues and DIY ethos.

Chamomile Transit / Elevsis 2023
Art Direction / Production

Graphic design: MWC, Stephan Muller for Roleplay
Videography: Panos Oikonomou, Antonis Venitis, Pantelis Ladas
Video editing: Panos Oikonomou
Photography: Pantelis Ladas, Nestoras Theofillopoulos
Concept-Music-Script: My Wet Calvin
Live guide narrator: Alexia Sarantopoulou
Μusicians: Vangelis Kyriakakis, Kostas Vavousis, Anastasis Gouliaris
Αctors: Angelos Panou, Evita Poulaki
Extra demons: Roza Giannopoulou, Marilia Mentzelidou
Sound: Nikos Triantafyllou
Set constructions: Manos Vordonarakis
Catering services: Maria Papagianni (Food events)
Production executive: Maria Adela Konomi

In the context of Eleusis 2023 European Cultural Capital and in collaboration with My Wet Calvin, we produced a very unique music event, at the same time expanding our agency’s skillset and range of services. “Mystery 106, Chamomile-Transit” took place for five consecutive days in May ‘23 on the upper deck of an open-top sightseeing bus following the ancient route of the Eleusinian Mysteries procession. The action unfolded along the Sacred Way, from the Ancient Cemetery of Kerameikos to the Sanctuary of Demeter in Eleusina with an on-the-go live performance by My Wet Calvin, unexpected events along the way and a tour guide.