Taygetos Trails is an extended network of marked trails in the northern part of the Central and Eastern Taygetos with a total length of about 90 km.

The restoration of the trails is an initiative of the local associations: Sporting Educational Association of Kalyvia Socha, Cultural Association of Mystras, Cultural and Environmental Association “Parori 2011”, Cultural Association of Pikoulianika, Cultural Association of Trypi «Plithon»,Association of Vryseada and Friends of Anavryti “Faneromeni”Σ with the coordination of the Progressive Association of Taygeti (Barsinikos) and Mystras, with the support of the Municipality of Sparta and the Regional Unit of Peloponnese.

Visual Identity
Brand Development

Project Team: Alexandra Alexandridou, Roza Giannopoulou, Leonidas Ikonomou

Our task was to redesign the existing logo and develop a new visual language which will be applied in trail markers, information and directional signages as well as in the presentation of the paths through a website. The handwritten letter “t” as the initial of both words in the name of the trail network was given to us from the beginning and its use was a prerequisite. The redesigned logo borrows the yellow color and bold frame from the recognizable European E4 trail markings and comes in several variations depending on the scale at which it will be used. We then introduced a canvas system with distinct frames creating layouts that refer to an open hiking map, an element that found full application in the information signages and the project’s website.