Remote Fridays

Jun 10, 2020

It’s a fact! After almost two months and a half under lockdown restrictions we got back to “normality” and officially back to office and very happy to finally meet up with our team in person. There is no doubt that the lockdown period was at moments tough, however it seemed that this remote working condition worked quite fine for our team in terms of creativity, productivity and accountability. It was also an opportunity to potentially adopt new habits and break the “normality” as we knew it. So from this week on we are launching “Remote Fridays”, a trial run for the next two months —every Friday we will hop on our laptops and find out what works better for our team.


The perks of working from home (in your pajamas)

From morning dog walks to lunchtime grocery shopping, no commute time, a silent day at home with less distraction, a smooth start of the day and a step closer to longer weekends, this remote working day will allow us to do more of what we love, creating a close tie between our professional and non-professional life. However there are still many challenges we need to face and find our way to best support, coordinate and keep our team motivated.

Tips to make it work

Daily meetups: By converting our weekly assembly to a daily one has helped the team keep track with what’s going on at the office. After employing those assemblies during the lockdown, we transferred the custom to our office everyday. Friday is naturally not an exception.
Giving and receiving feedback: More “soft” communication with daily exposure of work in-progress and slack exploitation should in no way be considered a waste of time.
All systems operational: It might take some effort to update laptops and update software across all devices but that’s when the cloud is most helpful.


Is remote working the future?

The answer is … we don’t know what the future holds, but for sure remote working will play a significant role in how the workplace and the way we work will evolve in the coming years. We’ll keep you posted with our findings ♡