Role—Play receives EBGE 2024 Merit

May 21, 2024


We are happy to announce we received an EBGE 2024 Merit on the “Blogs & Portals” Category for the design and development of Climatebook.

Climatebook is a digital hub for scientists to openly deposit their perspectives and worries on issues about the weather, the climate and the environment. The type of content varies from facts presentation to researches and reports by their organisation or others.

Discussions around these issues often tend to climax, concluding to negative or even destructive points. Climatebook’s character, though, is not about focusing on negative or positive aspects, rather providing a full spectrum information pool.

Matters of weather and climate are not independent and most of the times come from or affect global scales. All these matters happen at the same time and are equally important. We translated these into the website redesign by organising the content into flexible and responsive column grids that are organically produced by new content uploads. In some of the pages the effect of parallax vertical scroll has been added to project the available reading points.

Thank you to our team – Alexandra Alexandridou, Marietta Anastasopoulou, Stephan Muller, Leonidas Ikonomou, Bracket Dev Studio – for the great work and collaboration and to WWF Greece for trusting us with another meaningful project.