Roleplay receive EBGE 2016 award for best e-shop

Apr 27, 2017


Roleplay is very proud to return to the EBGE awards – the most important distinctions for graphic designers and illustrators on a national level. The jury for digital categories chose our submission for d.Mod ( as the best designed e-shop of the year above notable competitors such as Mozaik and Beloved.


This is the second distinction for roleplay at EBGE digital categories, the first being Six D.O.G.S website back in 2014, not counting the 2008 merit for My Wet Calvin’s previous website that half of roleplay was half-responsible for…

Roleplay was not alone in creating d.Mod’s fine e-commerce website. Or, in other words, we’ve been as extended as never before to produce this project. Chris Nasikas & Panos Karvelas built a smooth e-commerce experience within a website rich with content and media. Panos Economou ( nailed it with the product-related series of video clips. Dimitris Kolios captured the essence of d.Mod’s creations. Nastazia Spyropoulou documented the designs in plan and 3D for the first time. Last but not least, d.Mod’s Michalis and Guy pushed everyone enough to get the best they could. We think they got it!

And let us finish with the jury’s own words from the official EBGE 2016 awards catalogue:

“An e-shop that trumps competition. Elegant, accomplished with great attention to detail (i.e. the graphic representation of every single product). Great use of multimedia (video, interactive video, 360 view etc) consistent with the rest of the content and the visual identity of the company. The flawless responsive web design allows the website to read perfectly in any device or resolution”