Jan 2, 2023


At Roleplay we love nature and we never miss a chance to dive into the wild. For this year’s Χmas bonding trip we trusted the newly established and fantastic (pun intented) travel agency named ΒΓΙΟΥΠΑΛ TOURS, with its planning.


We started the trip with a walk through at Aspra Spitia Viotias, an historic built settlement, planned in the 60s to house employees of the Aluminium of Greece factory, designed by Doxiadis. Next stop was Arvanitsa at the foothills of Mount Helicon. We immersed ourselves in the beauty of the pine trees forest and discovered the magical world of mushrooms. After our mushroom hunting we ended up with a collection of wild and edible mushrooms, which of course we cooked and devoured just after. And just like that a well spent day came to an end with all of us looking forward to all the new adventures the New Year will bring!


Video: Panos Economou
Music: Pan Pan, Φωτιά στις Κεραίες, Φαντασμαγορία Τρία, 2022