Roleplay receives EBGE 2023 Award & Merit

Jun 16, 2023


We are happy to announce we received the EBGE 2023 Award on the “Information Website” Category for the design and development of Govwatch website and a merit on the “Space Graphics” Category for the sun-light protection installation at the National Library of Greece, a work we did with DPS Athens .

Govwatch • Information Website

Govwatch belongs to the family of civic activism tools, curated by the independent, non-partisan parliamentary monitoring organization Vouliwatch.

Govwatch is a collaborative digital map of the state of Rule of Law in Greece, with an archive from 2015 until now. The platform showcases reports, articles and studies, regarding incidents of non-adherence to the Rule of Law by the state authorities and serves as a safe whistleblowing spot for any individual or organisation.

National Library of Greece • Space Graphics

The need to protect the book collection of the National Library of Greece from the harmful effects of sun light led to the installation of smart motorized roller blinds all over the four floors of the library’s main hall at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center.

The book, as an object, needs special care in order to stand the wear and tear of time and the surrounding environment. On the other hand, the “texts” within a book, remain unchanged, transferring their meanings through time. In close collaboration with the contributors of NLG, we selected excerpts from classic works of world and Greek literature, to appear on the blinds while the books remain under their protection.

The project was completed in collaboration with DpS Athens – Creative director of NLG, the National Library of Greece team and Ballian Techniki.

Plyfa • Corporate Identity


Ialonet • Multiple Applications


A huge thank you to all the people involved in the projects and to our clients for the trust and the space to create them!